Solo sound / video releases:


For the 're: CORD' CD/DVD project, Battery Operated had a black box’ from an aircraft replicated and split into 10 sections. 10 artists were then chosen from around the world and the ‘black box’ was couriered to them one after the other. Each artist was asked to submit his or her favourite conspiracy theory in sonic, visual and written form. When the box had reached Australia and its final destination, it was sent back to Battery Operated to start remixing the music and video/image tracks. Using all the original tracks as a large sound and video banks, Battery Operated constructed a 50-minute remix album of melodic and experimental electro tinged beats for the CD. An 8-page booklet and 50-minute video on DVD, suggesting an overall conspiracy theory makes up this singular package. The 10 artists who submitted tracks also have their original compositions placed on the DVD. The following artists, amongst others, have original tracks on the DVD and have subsequently been remixed by Battery Operated:-Richard. H.Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire), Mathias Delplanque (Lena, Quartermass), Sachiko.M, Freiband (Goem), Kurt Ralske (Ultra Vivid Scene, 242 Pilots), Identification (C0C0S0L1DC1T1), Michael Morley (The Dead C, Gate), Pretty Boy Crossover (Surgery).

Aprotic (CD)

The third full-length album by Battery Operated sees them team up with fellow Mancunian and maestro of all things electro – ‘made’. Fresh from his stint at ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ which was curated by his old workmates Autechre (‘made’ being part of the ‘Gescom’ crew), ‘made’ now shows what he can do over a collaborative full - length. It's the first time he has done an album, having previously released 12’s on the Skam label. Battery Operated have produced two albums (both sold out) before on C0C0S0L1DC1T1 in the shape of ‘Vecuum’ and ‘Chases Through Non-Place’ and the marriage of bastardized electro with wide ranging influences from hip hop to musique concrete to lounge music is again evident here. If Andy Weatherall and Hildegard Westerkamp had ever gotten it on….this is what the soundtrack might have been to the birthing of their electro creature…

Chases Through Non-Place (Enhanced Double CD)

A re-release of Battery Operated's first album originally licensed in 2000 by the dutch label Mixer Records (Amsterdam) for its first release. After the project was toured around the world at various festivals, clubs and galleries, we decided to re-release the project as a double CD in 2002. One CD contains the sound, the other containing the video work. There is also a booklet with accompanying text to finish it all off. 'Chases Through Non-Place' was produced by taking sonic and video recordings from eight non-places. Non-places are structures of transience such as airports, hotels and train stations that people pass through on their way to somewhere else, never to become final destinations themselves. Soundtracks and chase scenes inspired Battery Operated to mix musique concrete, drum n bass and electronica with the Muzak melodies that provide the everyday furnishings to the buildings they recorded from. Video wise the editing mirrors the fracturing of the musical styles as it reconsiders the movement around buildings from the disorderly perspective of being chased through them.

Vecuum (Enhanced CD)

Rooftops were the overground references that provided Battery Operated with the source material for this click-ridden, messed-up, beats-driven sound elevator that shoots through the ceiling. The dark side of Willi Wonka's chocolate factory is a good analogy of the way technology is employed on this record, akin to the Wonkad elevator which breaks out of the structure that holds it in limbo. The lift is the vecuum that takes us through manga style sound manipulations to sickly sweet strings in between floors. Jazz and industrial traditions along with breakbeat, music concrete and electro acoustic experiments are all picked up and dropped at will on this sonic lift surf.


Compilation sound / video releases:

Broken Channel (CD/DVD)

'Broken Channel' presents sound and video interpertations on DVD and CD of the contemporary experience of surveillance, from a range of leading international artists working in sound and video. Featuring newly comissioned musical and video works exploring noises of dissent and visions through the shattered lens of CCTV and surveillance: Coldcut(Ninjatune) with assistance from Outerabongolia look at the police's monitoring of protest and protestors; Kampuchea (aka. Phonem, Morr Music) uses sound from an immigration office to construct a soundtrack with; Ultra Red (Mille Plateaux/Fat Cat) look at the protest at Quebec and on the USA/Mexico border from a participants perspective; Kaffe Matthews & Riz Maslen (aka - Noetropic-ntone) create discordant sound and image from the mute medium of CCTV; and Made (Gescom, Skam) & Battery Operated (C0C0S0L1DC1T1) look at how the control spaces of surveillance can be subverted to create radical new architectures and environments.

Scalene (Enhancd Double CD)

Release one from the Tensile series...

Three equals trouble… this is why it's the only number that matters. 3 artists each from 3 countries - a sound, video and graphic artist from Melbourne, Manchester and Montreal produce 3 x 3 minutes of original sound and video. All of the original material is then digitally deflowered in a 3-way to create 9, 6-minute remixes. The result is an earthquake site of broken rhythms, scratched concrete beats and twisted melodies, laid onto a double CD of sound and video.

The navvies include Private Benjamin + Emma McRae from Melbourne, Identification + Mitchell Akiyama from Montreal, and Battery Operated + beewoo from Manchester.