re: CORD
Part 1

The first part involved Battery Operated having a ‘black box’ from an aircraft replicated by a metal fabrication company to industry specifications. The box was then sprayed the same pantone colour as black boxes are (an orange/red colour) and the inside of it split into 10 sections. 10 sound and video artists were then chosen from around the world:-

UK - Richard. H.Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire), France - Mathias Delplanque +Emmanuel Corre, Holland – Freiband (Goem), USA - Kurt Ralske (242 Pilots), Canada – Identification, Korea – Kim Ki-Chul, Hong Kong - Digital CutUpLounge, Japan - Sachiko M,
New Zealand - Gate (Michael Morley), Australia – Pretty Boy Crossover

Each sound/video artist was asked to think of their favourite conspiracy theory. The project required that each artist submit up to 6 minutes of sound material and visual material (video, photographs etc.) that would be put into one of the 10 sections of the black box (one section per artist/s.) Both sound and visual material would reference, talk about, involve, and suggest the conspiracy theory that the artist/s chose. A text explaining the conspiracy was also required from each artist/s involved.

Thus the black box was couriered around the world from artist to artist, collecting sonic, visual and textual conspiracies as it progressed to its destination in Australia and to the MAAP festival headquarters. Duplications of all the material in the black box were made and sent back to Battery Operated’s studios, where the sound and video collaboration started working on the material submitted to the box. Battery Operated’s work was based upon the idea of sampling the sound and video work to produce new global conspiracies (i.e. parts from each conspiracy were used to reformulate a new theory/narrative that came in part from each of 10 different countries).


Part 2

The second part of the project was an installation carried out at La Chambre Blanche in Quebec City in Canada. The images below are documentation from this show.

A room was constructed in the gallery space. This room was built using the ratios from an actual black box from an aircraft and therefore became a larger inhabitable black box that acted as an office space where an audience could enter. Outside of the enlarged box, the floor revealed a large gaping hole suggesting that the box had fallen from the sky and caused the damage.

Inside the black box / office space, people entered and talked to a receptionist who worked in the space. They could then listen and watch the work produced for the first part of the project, which resided in the original replica (real size) black box that was sent around the world and subsequently found its home in the office space / enlarged black box. In return they were asked to submit their own favourite conspiracy theory in written or recorded form. The conspiracy theories collected over the duration of the month long exhibition were subsequently archived into a database. In this way the space became a trading post for conspiracy theories.

Images from the 're: CORD' installation

Image viewing the enlarged black box/office space and crash site

Image viewing the doorway of enlarged black box/office space

Image of the crash site of where the black box landed

Detailed image of the hole created by the crash

Receptioist inside the black box awaiting to trade conspiracies

The original black box that was sent to artists around the world